Pearl Necklaces

Pearl Necklaces

Pearls put you in touch with your divine feminine energy.

Salt water pearls are birthed in the sea by mollusks when an irritant causes them to secrete a nacre that over time creates a pearl. The pearl is considered “cultured” when a human helps this process by placing the irritant into the oyster. In 1896 Koichi Mokimoto created the system of humans making culture pearls. Before then, divers would search for natural pearls which then and nowadays are very expensive. Pearls are the only jewels in the world created by living animals.

Pearls are a symbol of the Goddess representing beauty, purity, truth, loyalty, integrity, innocence, and deep wisdom. The Goddess Venus was born of the waves of the ocean. Pearls are often worn by women when they get married. Pearls place you in touch with your divine feminine energy. They also put you in touch with your intuition, and your ability to flow with the current to create all things moving easily.

Nowadays cultured pearls are created by placing something inside the shell of an oyster that will then react and grow around it to form a beautiful pearl. Natural pearls have a variety of colors however nowadays many pearls are dyed for fashion.

Most of the pearls used in my creations are fresh water pearls

A classic pearl is a round shape. Baroque pearls are irregular shape. Button pearls are flat on one side. Keishi is a free form shape. Akoya Pearls (round) are made from the Pinctada Fucata oyster, which is the smallest of the commercial oysters.

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