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I am pleased that my necklaces are of fine and natural quality. I love crafting necklaces. I find it very relaxing and I enjoy working with fine natural stones -----and I enjoy that many people love wearing my designs or hanging them in their homes as energy devices.

Power Jewelry is jewelry created with energy that can heal you, or give you power, or help to change your life in a physical, material, emotional, energetic or spiritual level

Levanah Shell Bdolak, jewelry designer, master clairvoyant, meditation teacher, healer and author, shows you how to shift your consciousness for a better life. Founder of Clearsight, providing excellence in transformative studies since 1979.

It is Jewelry that can create and hold the power of the universe to help and aid you on your life path.  It is Jewelry that allows you to have the power of the oneness and to learn to flow with the universal consciousness and to also use that universal consciousness to create abundance, love, joy, good health, and whatever you need in your life.  

When Stones come to you - when they are attracted to you it is always for a purpose.  If you are not aware of your spirituality on a conscious level, the Stone will work through you on an unconscious level.  If you are consciously awake, the Stones will be like a beacon of light and positivity that will add to your integration on earth. Stones stimulate your growth on a very fine subtle level.  If you have awakened awareness you will become aware of this process as it affects you.  

Stones come to you for two reasons:  

1. To work through you to accomplish an energy change on the planet, and  

2.  because you need to change and grow and so the stone is drawn to you to help you in moving on your path.

Energy Jewelry can bring things to you, change or heal you, create a magical happening or just raise your vibration so you feel good and have a better life. You can activate your energy to be in harmony with the universal life source.

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