Birth Of A Necklace

I have to admit that I am a gemstone & bead aficionado. Wherever I travel I search for interesting stones & beads. So I bring them home and stash them in a box in my collection. This week I was searching for a specific color bead and I discovered these marvelous malachite stones I had purchased a few years ago at the Tucson Gem Show. Malachite is a protection stone. It is known for protecting you when traveling or protection from accidents, or negative business associations. Actually it actually creates success in business. Healers will tell you that Malachite will absorb negative energy, guard against radiation & clear electromagnetic pollution. But what I like about Malachite is its deep green energy. That particular deep green is also the auric color that happens when you do a big shift into new consciousness.

So I decided to take the stones and make a new necklace. Now you normally would think that this would be an easy quick necklace to make. Actually it took quite a while to put it together so I thought I would share the process with you.

I started with these stones:

So then I had to decide which stones to use and how to place them in an order. I decided to use all but one stone which I will save for another necklace.

Now I had to choose what beads would match or pull out the color of these gorgeous stones. I thought a light green Swarovski & seed beads might work so I pulled out one of my storage bins.

The tag on my box is worn away already and it is only a few months since I tagged it. 

This is the storage unit for the Czech glass beads I use to cap stones. And some Swarovski crystals are mixed in here too. So I pulled out the greens and started to place them near the stones to see what the colors do with one another.

However, as I pulled out the green Swarovski crystal I felt it was not really the right color as I placed it next to the malachite it didn't really pick it up to pop the color. So I started searching in my bins to find something that could pull the beautiful color of the malachite out. I found the deep blue crystals seemed to contrast and yet match the stones.

Well, not green at all, but they really have a nice glow and pick up the stones well. Next I decided to choose some more Swarovski larger crystal & some lamp glass. A choice between lighter or darker greens.

I kinda liked the lighter larger Swarovski crystal so I decided to pick some lamp glass beads. My first choice was a light green lamp glass bead. Yet I was not so happy with the light green so I decided to try a darker green lamp glass bead.

      I really liked the contrast with the darker lamp glass. So now I was getting ready to string, add the end beads and finish. And this is what it turned out to be. Hope you like it.

I feel that Malachite is a really strong stone. It has an intensity that I enjoy--a real sense of the power of grounding and pulling the negative out of your immediate environment. 

I have to admit I just love that deep green energy--the power of healing since that is the power of shift.

This malachite is druzy which means it has a sparkle shine to it. 

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