Charging your Necklace

Spiritual Functions of Power Jewelry

When stones come to you- when they are attracted to you it is always for a purpose.  If you are not aware of your spirituality on a conscious level the stone will work through you on an unconscious level.  If you are consciously awake the stones will be like a beacon of light and positivity that will add to your integration on earth. Stones stimulate your growth on a very fine subtle level.  If you have awakened awareness you will become aware of this process as it effects you.  Stones come to you for two reasons:  

1. To work through you to accomplish an energy change on the planet, and  

2.  Because you need to change and grow and so the stone is drawn to you to help you in moving on your path.

Stones naturally hold a charge of energy.  Semi-precious and precious stones and pure metals, such as silver, gold, copper, etc. can hold an energy charge.  When you work with stones, metals and created together as jewelry you can charge them- fill them- with energy.  You can charge them with whatever energy you want to put into them.  They will hold that energy and vibrate it.  

When you work with jewelry you are using it for a specific function.  You have to know, from the very beginning, what that function is about.  Power jewelry functions when you are specific.  Power jewelry can be used for many functions.  You can create an amulet or piece of jewelry to protect yourself, to bring love to yourself or another, to bring success or money, to create strength or good health and so on.  

Charged jewelry can bring things to you, change or heal you, create a magickal happening or just raise your vibration so you feel good and have a better life

Shamans and priests and priestesses call it charging your piece when you bring down the power of an archetype or a God or Goddess or Angel or Element or particular emotion into your piece.  This energy becomes your archetypal energy that can fill your piece so that it vibrates at a certain level to give power to its wearer.

When you bless something it is not what you say but what you do.  The words are good to say but what is important is what you think and what you visualize.  This is what blesses something.  When you bless something you are cleaning it of all old energy.  You are creating it into what you want it to be.  

There are simple easy ways to charge a necklace and more involved ways.

Simple Charging

To charge a necklace or stone for a particular function: Ground yourself and find a peaceful state of awareness first. Then decide what function you are charging

your necklace for. This is your intention. Hold your necklace in both hands, raise your arms and ask the universal energy field to fill it with the energy of your intention.

Blessing & Cleansing

To bless your necklace ask the deity of your choosing to bless it. But first, you can cleanse your necklace by burying it overnight in cedar ships, placing it in running water or sprinkling it with salt and water (power of earth and sea) and envisioning it as a pure cleansed item. Once cleansed then hold it up in both hands palms upward and ask your personal deity to bless it


To charge a necklace with a particular energy the stones must be in affinity with that energy. (Example: Use Sunstone or Citrine for sun energy; Use Moonstone or Amethyst for moon energy; Use a religious symbol for a specific deity, Use black Tourmaline or Agate, Pyrite or Chlorite Quartz for Earth energy: User Carnelian for FIre. Use Aquamarine, Pearls or Coral, or Watermelon Tourmaline (passion) for water. Use Kyanite, Sapphire, Tourmaline, & Beryl for Air.

How to Imbue Jewelry With A Power

To give your jewelry power you have to charge it.  It is kind of like charging a battery.  The necklace will hold a charge if it has semi-precious or precious beads or stones, if it is made of clay or glass and if it is a pure metal, such as silver, copper, gold and even platinum.  Base metal does not hold a charge well.  Plastic does not hold a charge at all.  Plastics are good as containers if you have charged your jewelry with some powerful energy and wish it to remain unaffected when you are not wearing it--  then you store it in a plastic container.  Energy does not go through plastic.

When you charge something you are filling it with powerful energy.  So first of all you have to know what you are charging it for.

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