Inspired by our Travels to England

English Nature is Hi Energy


When I visited my British friends they took me to a Spring celebration of the Green Man. There were Morris Dancers and people dressed in woodland green clothes for the occasion. I used that feeling of connection to nature to create my Green Man necklace. The Green Man is the spirit of nature and is most prevalent from Spring through summer when the light increases and the plants grow.

England has some fascinating amber with a deep rich color often called “Hastings Firestorm Amber” as it was caused by forest fires in the Cretaceous period.


They also have fluorite, topaz, beryl and amethyst. Most of my American woman friends love amethyst which is considered both a spiritual and a love stone.

Scotland is a treasure trove of high quality gemstones. Found there are diamonds, rubies, garnet, topaz and sapphires.

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