Inspired by our Travels to Ireland

From the Green Heartland
for Relaxation and Love 

Ireland is the green heart of our planet earth. When I was in Ireland we stopped at every small shrine near water falls where people left their prayers and wishes attached to the trees and bushes that lined the mountain brooks. I found that often when you wear the stones found in Ireland it lifts you as if the spirits of the wee fairies are walking and dancing with you. Some of my most favorite stones come from Ireland.

In Ireland you can find Beryl  which gives us Aquamarine, Morganite, Emerald Helliodor and Goshenite. Aquamarine is a stone I often use in my necklaces for relaxation. It calms and soothes you. Morganite is the highest vibration love stone on the planet. No wonder it comes from Ireland, the green heartland of our earth. I place Morganite in my Love and Healing Necklaces. I just love to hold Morganite in my hand as it always raises your vibration to a soft gentle love level. If you are sensitive or intuitive you will feel it. But even if you do not feel it Morganite will affect you, consciously or unconsciously.

Ireland is also the home of the green healing stones of Peridot and Serpentine. Serpentine is a stone that is considered a luck stone, as it is believed to bring abundance to you. I love Serpentine because it is a high grade healing stone that tends to bring emotions to the surface so you can release them. Many healers always carry a pocket size serpentine stone with them as they travel.

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