Inspired by our Travels to Scotland

Scotland is what we call a “Crown Chakra Country,” Many Scots have visions and portents—as they pull in a very high level of information through their Crown Chakras (the Seventh Chakra which is the energy center that sits in the baby soft spot on the top of your head,) So sometimes the stones and gems that you wear that were mined in Scotland can also aid you to get higher information. Scotland is a land of history, legend and strength Smokey Quartz is the National Gem of Scotland and is considered a sacred stone. The Smokey Quartz mined in Scotland is often worn by spiritual people who wish to see beyond illusion; by business people who wish to see through deceit; and by many who also wish to see that which is hidden. Scotland indeed is a very mystical land!

Topaz is the stronger and higher quality of Smokey Quartz this is also known as the National Gem of Scotland.

This is a higher version of Smokey Quartz, the Topaz.


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