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I believe in transparency when it comes to my jewelry.


I use semi-precious Stones. Sometimes they are faceted but very often they are raw drilled mineral or unpolished stones in their natural form. I try to find un-dyed truly natural stones and I do my best to inform you of what you see or are purchasing.


I use Swarovski Crystal, Czech Preciosa and Czech Glass as well as some Chinese Crystal, Egyptian Lead Crystal and Art Glass. My Art Glass is sometimes German vintage glass, or Japanese pre World War II glass.


The Beads are Thai goldized prayer beads, Chinese modern or older beads, Native American modern and vintage beads, Venetian Vintage and modern beads, African Trade Beads and European older or antique beads. Sometimes I use carved bone from the Chinese tradition and Eye Beads from Taiwan, Nepal and Tibet.


I use Softflex fine or medium wire with double crimped twisted crimps and either Bali Silver or Sterling Stardust Beads and Sterling clasps.

I do my best to tell you what beads and stones are in each necklace. Occasionally I will use a lesser quality bead (such as a focal shell pearl) and in that case I will always tell you that it is pretty but not good for energy work or not the finest quality. I am pleased that most of my necklaces are of fine and natural quality, and I enjoy that many people love wearing my designs or hanging them in their homes as energy devices.


Power Jewelry is jewelry created with energy that can heal you or give you power or help to change your life in a physical, material, emotional, energetic or spiritual level.  It is jewelry that can create and hold the power of the universe to help and aid you on your life path.  It is jewelry that allows you to have the power of the oneness and to learn to flow with the universal consciousness and to also use that universal consciousness to create abundance, love, joy, good health and whatever you need in your life.  

All of the ancient religions, all shamans, all priests and monks of the past have created and used power jewelry.  Power Jewelry is made and used in every religion and spiritual practice on this planet.  The jewelry can be powerful and have an energy, a life of its own; but really it turns you on to your own connection with the power and oneness of the universe.  It enables you or whoever wears it to manifest their connection with the divine and the soul of your heart.  It is the energetic power of the universe and it creates the wearer learning to flow with and become one with this energy.

 Powers of Stones

Everything on this planet is alive and therefore has energy.  Stones have the power to change your energy, to shift you or to affect how you feel internally and externally.  Each stone has a different type of energy, a different vibration.  So each stone can affect you in a different way.  Some stones, such as the Boji stone can ground you.  Others, such as Druzy Quartz are more spiritual and affect the sixth and seventh layers of your aura to shift you on a spiritual level.  Some Stones make you aware of your body and even will clear or heal the energy of your body while other Stones increase your mental clarity and your heart level or your spiritual nature.  Many of these shifts you will experience by holding or wearing a stone are very subtle.  Many times people do not recognize that they are being shifted till afterwards when they recognize that their life has changed.  If you meditate a lot you will recognize the power of a Stone when you wear it or hold it in your hand.  Meditation opens you up to being more consciously aware of your energy field and being more sensitive to your ability to change and shift.

Stones hold energy.  Glass does not hold energy unless you personally "charge" it or Tachyonize it..  Real semi-precious and precious Stones will hold an energy charge.  Even a rock you pick up in the park will hold energy.  You can choose your Stones by their symbolism or what they are known for- their properties.  You can also choose them by their color.

When you wear a Stone you begin to vibrate with the power of the Stone on an unconscious but nonetheless in a very powerful way.  Your energy realigns itself to include the Stone into your own personal universe.  You match the energy of the Stone.  It energizes or charges your world and everything in that world.  You become that vibration.  Whatever that particular vibration is begins to pull more of it from the outside world to you.  If you become love it pulls that type of love to you.  If you become strong it pulls strong people or situations where you can be stronger towards you.  It magnetizes you to that energy and pulls it in.

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