The History and the Meaning of Jewelry

Beads, stones and shells have been used as religious and monetary symbols since the beginning of time.  Ancient peoples traded salt and beads.  Many beads and stones were considered protective or magickal and were considered just as precious as gold or food and spices.  Some stones were thought to help heal different maladies or to create fertility, give good and safe and healthy childbirth, make a person invincible in battle, and give people the power to speak with God.

Beads, stones and shells have been used as religious and monetary symbols since the beginning of time.  In early times when people were tribal hunters and gathers they collected rocks and stones, dried acorns, nuts and berries and also the shells of the sea that were all natural beads of adornment.  Ancient peoples traded salt and beads.  Many beads were considered protective or magickal and were considered just as precious as gold or food and spices.  Some stones were thought to heal different maladies or to create fertility; to enabler a woman to have safe and healthy childbirth;

to make a person invincible in battle; to give power to the hunters and to give people the power to speak with God.  Shells from the sea represented the feminine and the goddess of love or the masculine trident of the God of the Sea of the power of transformation.  Rocks with holes in the middle represented fertility and two lovers touching fingers through the whole symbolically created the union of fertility enabling them to marry and have healthy children.  Black stones represented the power of the earth and white stones represented innocence, purity, good memories and positive things coming to you.  Gold stones represented the solar god or goddess and the power of the sun.  


Silver was seen as a piece of the moon
and represented the hidden side of things (sometimes
a male god and sometimes a female goddess).  

As people wore their stones and beads and shells they noticed that they were lucky when they had a particular stone with them and this came to create amulets and prizing particular stones for their magickal or lucky properties.  This is still done today.  In Taiwan and in Tibet people collect certain beads in their families for generations believing that these beads protect the wearer from harm.  A good example of this is the Tibetan Z bead.  Those who wear the Z bead are said to be protected from accidents in cars, trains and planes and generally to be protected.                              

These Z beads are said to be created by the Gods in the mountains of Tibet and then spit out  to protect the children of the gods.  Because of the great demand by the Chinese for Z beads they are now very expensive ranging from $90 for a poor quality Z bead to $2,000 or even $3,000 for a high quality bead.  These beads are made from a Tibetan agate and have a z stripe running through them and they all look a little different.  

On every continent there are beads and stones that are still valued highly like the Z beads.  In Africa, for example the cowrie shell, beads of sandalwood and trade beads are valued very highly.  In Italy old Venetian hand blown glass beads are valued.  


Many of these precious beads were used to make power necklaces, the necklaces used to aid people in prayer or meditation.  In Europe the Christians made rosaries to count their prayers out of beads made from dried roses and then strung on a chain.  As the people handled these beads the scent of the rose would release from the heat of their hands as they fondled the beads and it would charm them with its aroma.  In America antique Victorian beads and old Native American seed beads are now valued very highly by bead collectors.

All throughout the world people still treasure the power of the bead. Beads have always represented the spiritual nature of people.They remind people to meditate or to say their prayers or mantras and they bring luck to the wearer or chase away evil.  In Turkey, Greece and Italy people wear blue and white beads with eyes on them to chase away the evil eye.  In India people wear beads made of mirrors to reflect evil back to the other person.  

Nowadays, in modern times, many people wear jewelry that has no meaning for them.  Often they wear it because they like the design or the color or because it is expensive or pretty and gives them status or makes them feel special.  Power jewelry is jewelry that is special because it holds the power of the energy of the universe.  It holds the power of nature and the gods.  To make power jewelry you have to understand what the beads and stones and metals symbolize generally and also what they symbolize and mean to you personally.  When you make power jewelry you are charging the jewelry with a very specific type of energy that gives it a particular power.  If you do this properly then the jewelry will keep charging with power as you wear it and it will fill you with the power of that particular essence.  It will draw on the power of the universe and keep channeling that power to you.  By doing this you can charge a necklace, bead or stone for good health, higher energy, strength or the power of the warrior, love or a charm to draw money or certain types of people to you.  If you do this right it will work for you and it will keep working as long as you wear it or keep the power contained within it.  Often people charge their necklace at noon for the power of the sun or at midnight for the power of the moon.  Then after a few months they recharge their necklace again since the necklace is just like a battery they recharge it every once in a while.

I do not "charge" the necklaces that I create. I believe the wearer of the necklace has to make it their own. I can however, if asked, show a person how to charge their necklace to align it with their own power and the essence of the universal life force.

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