March: Stepping Into The New Early Spring Vibration

March: Stepping Into The New Early Spring Vibration

"Springtime is the land awakening.  

The March winds are the morning yawn."  

-  Lewis Grizzard and Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You

Winter has been our dream time when you look inwards and journey to get to know yourself and your powers. As we move into Spring we start to look outwards to new growth and a new social time in our lives. In March we have the special turn of the season when we mark this by the Spring Equinox when day and night are of equal duration. At this time we are at the crossroads of leaving behind the inner search and moving towards manifesting what we have learned over the winter months to manifest it in your social outer world.

For me March has always been the early beginning of the green. I have always noticed the first buds of growth in early February but in March it is really noticeable that Spring is about to be sprung upon us. It truly is the start of the greening of the earth. People have celebrated the dawn of Spring around the world for centuries.

And so I like to work with the green stones in March.

Peridot has always been considered by many ancient cultures to be the gift of Mother Nature.  GODDESS COLLECTION AG09


Peridot is basically a stone of prosperity and happiness. It is very useful for improving your spirituality and your health. So it is indeed a good stone to work with or wear as you come out of the cold winter months and seek to rev up your immune system.

Green Phantom Quartz

I also like to work with Green Phantom Quartz 

because this is a tremendously powerful healing stone. It has the power to help you to align yourself to your true inner nature and to transform yourself into your original blueprint that you set up for this life.



Another green stone I find useful in the early Spring is Serpentine. If you have dredged up old images of trauma or emotional discord over the winter and wish to let it all go as Spring arrives, Serpentine can aid you in pulling the old or negative energies into the light so you can release them.



Serpentine is known for being a very transformative stone that enables you to empty out your old emotional suitcases and start anew.   AWESOME COLLECTION AB03

This is perfect for early Spring.







 I also love to work with Aventurine. 

This stone is known as the “Stone of Opportunity” or The Lucky Stone” as it helps you to attract whatever you need in life and creates new opportunities knocking at your door.  The Merkabah sandwiched in between the Lamp Glass beads is the Aventurine Stone.



SUCCESS SU02 has rectangle Aventurine stones

If you are contemplating finding a new lover or a special romantic partner I would suggest wearing green tourmaline. As Mother Nature shakes off the heavy winter chills and opens her heart to the beginning of the seasons of fertility so you to might wish to consider creating romance, adventure and fertile creativity. Green Tourmaline is a fantastic healing stone that channels its electrical energies directly into the very center of your being thus sending clear energy to all parts of your body, mind and spirit.

Green Tourmaline attracts luck, success, abundance, and prosperity as it harmonizes you with the earth energies and opens your heart chakra. Green Tourmaline has a masculine vibration that leads you to calm action and is especially useful for herbalists or people who do earth healing.

Green Tourmaline is especially good for healing when you transition from winter to spring and your energies have been low and need to be charged up.

ALL GREEN STONES ARE KNOWN FOR BEING HEALING ENERGIZERS FOR THE HEART CHAKRA. Green Tourmaline clears sadness, opens the heart, promotes compassion, attracts abundance and joy.



Shifting The Energies In Your Home

If you have one of these stones that you like you can also make a distillation of the stone’s energy by simply placing it in a covered glass container of distilled water for 5 to 8 hours in the sunlight. The water will absorb the energies of the stone. You can then take the water, pour it into an atomizer and spray it throughout your home to refresh the energies and help you to move into the lighter Spring level. Water that is charged this way has it’s power only lasting for a few hours. So if you do this use your water right away. I find it is exciting and fun to take charge to change the energies in my home as the seasons move.

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