Tachyon Free Energy

Tachyon Free Energy

Tachyon Free Energy

Tachyon creates a permanent energy field within and around an object. When you wear the object the field affects the part of your body that it can reach and this shifts your energy. People tell me it makes pain go away and that it also makes them feel more energized. I also have had this experience myself.

Heal yourself with the newest technology available.

What Is Tachyon?

If you place a Tachyon article ( torque, scarf, T-Shirt, socks, meditation wrap, necklace or bracelet,) on your body usually if you have pain in that area of the body it will go away. When you have pain usually all you can concentrate on or feel is the pain. When the pain goes away and disappears you suddenly feel back to your normal self and you no longer are aware of the pain. Tachyon usually relieves a pain within half an hour to one hour and sometimes within only twenty minutes.

However, you must realize, that when you have pain it is there to tell you something and to make you pay attention to that part of your body. So you do need to find out what is causing the pain and try to release, cure or fix the actual problem. I have personally used Tachyon for headaches, back pain, pain from bruises incurred while moving heavy objects, pain from paper cuts on my fingers (after bandaging and putting on a antiseptic), pain from physical workouts at the gym or hiking; and lethargy from tiredness.

Using Tachyon For Energy & Healing

As I started using Tachyon I learned it would take many kinds of pain away and seem to energize you. I am not a scientist. I am an Energetic Healer. I have been doing healings since 1979 and I have learned to clear a person’s energy field and look for the cause of a problem and often remove it. But sometimes we feel we need something physical to conduct a strong healing. I have used magnets, all sorts of energy devices, Boji stones, healing crystal and stones, and I have found Tachyon to be one of the best methods of quickly and easily removing pain and energizing a person which is why I finally got involved in selling Tachyon Tools.



What People Who Have Used Tachyon Have To Say:

My Audio Guy, His Wife and their cute little doggie

Several years ago our company worked with a very nice audio guy to record and make our tapes and CD’s for meditation and energy skills. My audio guy had a wife who had a cute little doggie. The doggie was older and one day it died. She grieved for a year and was not interested in a healing or letting go. Then finally one day when I called to place an order she told me that she had gotten a new puppy, which was the same type of tiny doggie. She seemed happy again but she also told me she was in a lot of pain, When she had taken the young puppy out for a walk she was using one of those new leashes and the puppy got all excited, ran around her and the leash wrapped around her legs and she fell down and twisted her knee. She was in a great deal of pain and so she went to the doctor who had her have an operation. After the operation he told her it would take three months for her knee to heal. It had now been four months and she was still in pain. Soon she and her husband would have to go to a large event to sell their audio products at a big city far away and she would have to be able to walk a great deal at the event. She was in so much pain and did not know what to do.

I immediately sent her a package of tachyonized bandages we kept at our office for emergencies. She wore the bandage and her pain went away. She offered to pay us for the bandage and I told her we would send her a new package but her husband was very superstitious and was afraid that the new bandage would not work so he insisted she keep the older one. Of course any tachyonized bandage would work just fine!!! She told me that he did not believe in “such things” but that he was amazed that she suddenly felt well and had no pain. She left the bandage on their kitchen table one night when she was not wearing it and the next morning she noticed that it had been strangely rewrapped. She spoke to her husband and he sheepishly admitted that after she went to sleep he had sneaked it out of the package to try on his body where he had a pain. And, yes, it did work! But then he carefully tried to rewrap it so she would not notice!!!

Receptionist with whiplash and back pain

Several years ago I had a receptionist working at our Clearsight Center who had been in a car accident and had experienced a severe whiplash. One day while I was working in my office she came to me and told me that she was in tremendous pain in her lower back and could she go home? I told her that if she did not feel well that of course she could go home but I also suggested that she put on one of our Tachyon patches onto her back where the pain was. And I gave her a patch. Then I went back into my office and worked for about two hours. After two hours I came out of my office to find my receptionist still there. And I said to her, “I thought you were going to go home because you were in terrible pain.” And she answered me, “Yes, the pain was really awful but I put the tachyon patch you gave to me on my back and the pain went away. So I decided to stay here at work.” For me, this is the miracle of using Tachyon!!!!

Pain And a Burned Hand

I have a friend in England who is an energy worker, a ritualist and a Re-enactment participant. My friend is in his eighties and is famous in England for working with the police as a psychic and also in getting rid of poltergeists. One day when I was communicating with him by E-MAIL he told me he was having trouble typing. I asked him why. Usually he was a very articulate person, who has written several books and screen plays and could type well. He told me that the evening before one of his students was working a ritual and her robe caught fire from a candle. He grabbed the robe off of her and in doing so burned the palm of his hand. He told me that his palm was pussy, inflamed, badly burned and very painful. I immediately sent him a Tachyon bracelet torque and told him to wear it and it would take the pain away. Burns on your hand and palm are very painful.

My friend received the Tachyon torque which I shipped the quick way and put it on. Then he wrote to me. And he said this, “ I put the Tachyon Torque on my wrist and the pain went away. But I was not born yesterday. I have been doing energy work since my early twenties and now I am eighty, So I figured that you hypnotized me or just subtlely influenced me by telling me that the pain would go away. So I took the Tachyon torque wrist bracelet off….and the pain came back!!! I put the bracelet on again and the pain went away. Do you think this would work for my wife’s arthritis too?”


Friend with Angina Heart Pain

Years ago I had a friend I used to correspond, also in Great Britain, who had a triple bypass operation. But he complained to me of sharp angina chest pain and also feeling less energy or out of breath as often heart cases do. So I sent him a tachyon amulet with some surgical tape and asked him to tape it over where he feels the sharp pain. My friend was a lawyer and he did not understand energetic healing or energy work or anything in my field. But he took the glass tachyonized amulet and taped it over where the pain was. Then he wrote to me that the pain went away. He did not understand how or why but he was so happy to not have this sharp angina pain. And he also felt that he had more energy too. He knew nothing of the healing field, had never heard of acupuncture or laying on of hands healing or anything of this nature but he was very glad to feel no pain.

What is Tachyon?  How can you use it for Healing?

Tachyon as a healing tool was first developed by a scientist in Japan. There are many books about Tachyon in Japan but none of them have been translated into English as of yet. Tachyon is a form of free energy. Today there are Tachyon Healing companies in Japan, the U.S. and Germany and Tachyon as a healing tool is sold world-wide.

What is Tachyon?

In 1966 Gerald Feinberg defined a tachyon as a “faster-than-light sub-atomic particle” in order to unify the scientific world view. An object can be restructured at a sub-molecular level in order to harness itself as a permanent channel for energy to keep flowing through. As the Tachyon field forms and changes the time dimension it shifts the old negative or stuck energy and on a body level this releases pain and causes a quicker healing process to occur.

Most of the Metaphysical definitions of Tachyon you will find on the web do not really explain it in the scientific terms that a physicist would use. My physicist friends shake their heads in horror at the layman’s terms used to explain the Tachyon field or it’s properties. But truly very few people can really or fully explain Tachyon as no one can actually see it on the physical plane.

Some scientists will tell you that Tachyon is not real because it passes through our reality faster than the speed of light. It is always being debated in scientific circles. However, when we tachyonize a product we discover immediately that it has an energy field and that this energy field when placed upon the physical body can change how you feel. Most people find that the pain they had in that area of their body disappears. Some people feel energized.

 More of What Is Tachyon?

There are two schools of science about Tachyon: those scientists who do not believe it is real and the other camp that definitely believes it is real and is fascinated about experimenting with it.

Tachyons are a putative class of particles which able to travel faster than the speed of light. Tachyons were first proposed by physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, and named by Gerald Feinberg. The word tachyon derives from the Greek (tachus), meaning "speedy." Tachyons have the strange properties that, when they lose energy, they gain speed. Consequently, when tachyons gain energy, they slow down. The slowest speed possible for tachyons is the speed of light.

Tachyons appear to violate causality (the so-called causality problem), since they could be sent to the past under the assumption that the principle of special relativity is a true law of nature, thus generating a real unavoidable time paradox (Maiorino and Rodrigues 1999). Therefore, it seems unavoidable that if tachyons exist, the principal of relativity must be false, and there exists a unique time order for all observers in the universe independent of their state of motion.

Tachyons can be assigned properties of normal matter such as spin, as well as a actually have real mass (Recami 1996).

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